• VEGAN, RAW, & GLUTEN-FREE STRAWBERRIES AND CREME CHEESECAKE! It’s also no-bake. Tastes like an ice cream bar. Need I say more? Okay I won’t! Are you ready for the recipe? 😏
  • Do you have any nut-free friends or family that you just want to make happy and feed with a straight up good dessert?! Especially around the holidays it’s tough to find a little something for everyone. I get you. And I got you. That’s where my NUT-FREE, GLUTEN-FREE, and DAIRY-FREE COCONUT FLOUR  CHOCOLATE CHIP BARS come in 😏👊🏼
They’re fluffy, little clouds of chocolate bliss and how could you ever pass something with that description up? I really don’t know how! Recipe link in bio and on dadaeats.com, search “chocolate chip bars” yayyyy!!! Happy almost birthday weekend to me 😉🙏🏻
  • Dada’s the name, put-avocado-in-everything is the game 😏
My VEGAN & GLUTEN-FREE AVOCADO CREAM SAUCE is the creamiest thing that you may ever encounter, and you can also eat it with a chip or a cracker or even a spoon. I’ll never judge ya. Full recipe tutorial on my IGTV and on dadaeats.com, search “avocado cream pasta” ! 🥑🍝
  • The look I give people when they ask me how much hummus I go through in a week:
(spoiler: lol so much that I just gotta keep making it myself...😌😏)
What food can you not go a week without? I wanna know!!
  • Do you like fall? Do you like chocolate? How about pumpkin? Or sea salt? If you answered yes to any one of these questions, chances are you’ll love my new SALTED PUMPKIN PIE TRUFFLES! ✨
Like this photo if you want the recipe 😏 oh and they’re VEGAN, GLUTEN-FREE, and GRAIN-FREE. Hello something for everyone 🎃🙌🏼
  • Today’s snack...is looking like a snack 😎 I’m sorry that one was just too easy!!!
Avocado smashed with tahini, Himalayan pink salt, cracked pepper, everything bagel seasoning (found at @traderjoes you’re welcome for changing your life if you’ve yet to try), and extra virgin olive oil all on some sprouted bread 🍞🥑 #dadaeats
  • I know you. And I have a feeling that there’s a lone can of chickpeas sitting in the back of your pantry that’s begging to be released. So do that sweet little can a solid and make my VEGAN & GLUTEN-FREE CHOCOLATE CHIP CHICKPEA BLONDIES 😍
There’s no way you’d EVER guess there were chickpeas in these fudgey gorgeous delights. But because there are, you can eat the whole pan and get your protein in. I think it might be science? It’s an OG recipe but a lot of you have been making it recently so it inspired me!! Recipe on dadaeats.com, search “chickpea blondies” ✨🙏🏻 I’ll pop a link in my profile too because I love ya!
  • Don’t forget to:
1) VOTE! ✔️
2) make my VEGAN DARK CHOCOLATE CHUNK BANANA BREAD recipe (which I made with chips today because I’m #wild) ✔️
3) go to bed at 5pm
...okay maybe that third one is just for me...😂 but lists help get important things done so there you go 💪🏼 the recipe for this is on dadaeats.com, just search “vegan banana bread” ✨ happy Monday!
  • Any place that plates with beet hummus...I am HERE FOR IT. Running to brunch and running back to my bed is unfortunately the only marathon I’m partaking in today 😬
Thick cut multigrain with lots of avocados, poached egg, beet hummus & pumpkin seeds. This brunch is probably my dinner because I‘ll be at work at 1am tomorrow (tonight?! SOS) so I’ll be going to sleep in a few hours lol. Good thing sunset is before 5pm today 😱 anything you’re looking forward to this week?
  • A scene from my project this past week 🙊 can’t wait to share what it is with you guys!!
This is my VEGAN and GLUTEN-FREE SPINACH PESTO PASTA with blistered tomatoes, almond milk ricotta, nutritional yeast, and pine nuts. P.S. the pesto sauce is actually nut-free! It’s an OG favorite 🙏🏻 recipe on dadaeats.com search “spinach pesto”🌱 Happy weekend!!

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